When Missiles Start Falling at Work

When Missiles Start Falling at Work

This essay originally appeared on LinkedIn Today.

TEL AVIV – The air-raid sirens woke me up in the morning. My eyes flashed open in bed in my top-floor apartment here in Israel’s high-tech capital as the warning sounds echoed throughout the neighborhood and signaled that I had fifteen seconds to take shelter in my building’s stairwell.

The former journalist in me wanted to capture the moment, so I hit “record” on my smartphone and ran to safety. One minute later, the sirens stopped – and then I heard, what Israelis call, “the boom.” Followed by four more in rapid succession. The Israeli military had taken out five rockets that had been close to the center of the city after having been fired from the Gaza Strip. (You can listen to my audio file here.)

I am not writing this article to discuss politics and Middle East affairs. There are many places online to do that. People on any side: Please do not be provocative in the comments below. Here, I wanted to reflect on some ways that “Operation Protective Edge” has affected my work life as air-raid sirens and mid-air interception explosions are happening several times a day here.

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