The pros, cons and best practices in podcast marketing

The pros, cons and best practices in podcast marketing

My new column is out in The Drum:

A ballerina dances to music while wearing headphones. A couple makes out inside a listening booth. A teenage male shoplifter tries to get away with CDs of rap, metal – and Whitney Houston.

Those scenes take place in a music store in Empire Records, the cult 1990s coming-of-age film that was celebrated last week in the annual tradition of Rex Manning Day. While the movie exaggerates the power of audio for comedic effect, it still demonstrates the effectiveness of the format. We remember things we heard years ago that left strong mental impressions.

Today, while podcasts are small in number and low in overall revenue generation compared to other media, they are still quickly growing in popularity. For this column, I interviewed podcasters, analysts and audio programming experts to learn the best marcom practices for marketers who want to use them.

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