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My Top 5 Columns of 2019 in The Drum

Every two weeks, I write The Promotion Fix column for The Drum, a global marketing and media trade publication. Here were my most popular essays this year. 5. If there’s a recession in 2019, here’s what marketers should do. I reviewed studies from the Great Recession and interviewed marketers who have seen downturns to see how […]

How journalism can survive and thrive

My new column is live in The Drum: How journalism can survive and thrive Should mainstream news outlets first and foremost create profits for shareholders or neutrally, objectively and thoroughly educate the public? That is the battle for the soul of journalism today. From bias to neutrality and back The idea that journalists should be […]

Which advertising channels are best when all else is equal?

My new column is live in The Drum: LinkedIn’s recently unveiled ‘Reactions’ will likely lead to countless marketers tracking how many ‘likes,’ ‘celebrates,’ ‘loves,’ ‘insightfuls’ and ‘curiouses’ their posts receive – as if those designations mean anything as marketing metrics. During a talk at a CMO Network event in England last month on whether most of […]