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samuel scottA former journalist​, ​newspaper editor, ​​and director of marketing and communications in the high-tech industry, Samuel Scott is ​now an advertising speaker and writer of the regular ​“The Promotion Fix” column in The Drum​ in which he discusses integrated traditional and digital marketing.​

Most people think ad blockers affect only advertisers and publishers. But all marketers are being affected because more than 70 million people are now either using ad blockers that block analytics scripts automatically or can do so with a one-click configuration. As a result, martech and adtech platforms are gravely threatened and need to respond.

There is also billions of dollars of fraud, deception, kickbacks, and misrepresentation occurring in the digital ad industry, and most marketers and advertisers are completely unaware of it. As an online advertising speaker, Samuel shines a light on what media buyers, publishers, and ad networks are really doing.

Advertising Speeches

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