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samuel scott

(Note: If you may be changing plans for tentative in-person events because of the coronavirus outbreak, I can offer virtual marketing keynotes and workshops from my home office in Tel Aviv.)

A former American journalist​ and ​newspaper editor ​​turned director of marketing in the Israeli high-tech startup world, dual citizen Samuel Scott is ​now a global keynote speaker on Jewish and Israeli topics.​

He uses the journalistic principles of neutrality and evidence-based analysis when he gives talks around the world on the complex topics of politics, religion, society, and history in Israel and the greater Middle East.

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A 30-Second Introduction

Some clips of Samuel speaking (in the context of marketing).

Where Samuel Speaks

  • Businesses — What high-tech companies that want to enter the Israeli market and hire Israelis should know
  • Conferences and Non-Profit Organizations — The latest happenings in the Middle East and what it means for the world in general
  • Educational Institutions — What the latest studies and reports mean in the day-to-day real world of the Middle East

Examples of Israel Speeches

  • How the Israeli Political System is Different — Israeli politics is very different from the West and has fragmented, interest-based political parties that form coalition governments rather than ones based on big-picture ideas and win based on a “first past the post” system
  • How Judaism in Israel Differs from Europe and the US — The Jewish world in the US has multiple streams of Judaism while Israel has a black-and-white mentality of religious people versus secular people
  • A Neutral Introduction to the Middle East Conflict — The present reality of the Middle East has its roots in decades, if not centuries, of complex geopolitical and diplomatic events
  • The Cultural Differences Between Israelis and Westerners — The cultural mindsets are numerous and large. Samuel breaks them down for businesses, universities, and non-profit organizations
  • Talks can be tailored upon request!

Samuel has presented in fifteen countries on four continents.

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