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A for­mer jour­nal­ist and news­pa­per edi­tor turned inter­na­tional dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing & com­mu­ni­ca­tions con­sul­tant, Samuel Scott is a global speaker and crafter of strate­gic mar­ket­ing cam­paigns that inte­grate both tra­di­tional and online mar­ket­ing. He also con­tributes to pub­li­ca­tions includ­ing Moz and the Times of Israel and has been quoted or cited by Search Engine Land, The New York Times, and CIO. Samuel is also Direc­tor of Mar­ket­ing and Com­mu­ni­ca­tions for, a new Israeli startup that is rein­vent­ing log ana­lyt­ics.

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  • The Change from “SEO” to “Marketing” 4 September 2015
    My first “SEO job” consisted of pumping out keyword-stuffed blog posts and then posting them on a website that would link to a company’s website while attempting to hide from Google that both sites were owned by that company. In my second “SEO job,” I would submit the company’s website to countless random directories and […]
  • DevOps Is Changing from Solving Problems to Driving Business 20 August 2015
    The blog of DevOps Summit, the IT conference that my log analytics software company is sponsoring later this year, published an essay of mine on how marketing and IT need to work together: DevOps has traditionally played important roles in development and IT operations, but the practice is quickly becoming core to other business […]
  • The Definition of “SEO” 8 August 2015
    My career over the years so far has taken me from journalism to SEO to public relations to conference speaking. The “SEO” part has been the most controversial. If you had asked me to define “SEO” years ago ago, I would have responded, “getting a website to rank highly in Google.” Today, I would fire or […]
  • Strikeout Pitches: How NOT to E-mail Prospects 1 August 2015
    I’m getting tired of spam e-mails and bad pitches. So, I was inspired by a recent blog post by Geraldine DeRuiter, otherwise known as the Everywhereist, in which she hilariously replies to every single spam message that she had received over a certain period of time. If you are a PR or communications professional who pitches or an […]
  • Social Media Marketing Tips at Conferences 28 June 2015
    As I once wrote in an essay on how to speak at marketing conferences — events are an underrated marketing strategy because all marketing, in the end, is about people and not keywords, links, and news coverage. However, I write that statement with the caveats that it is first crucial to: Select the best conferences to sponsor […]

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