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A former journalist and newspaper editor turned marketing and communications executive, Samuel Scott is Marcom Director at, a global speaker, and writer of the regular "The Promotion Fix" column in The Drum.

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  • What traditional marketers need to know about SEO 27 March 2017
    My new column is live at The Drum: What traditional marketers need to know about SEO If you think SEO is a bag of tricks to rank first in Google, you are 10 years out of date. As a recent Searchmetrics study found, getting found in Google search results is more relevant than ever. Statista also […]
  • “Content Marketing” Means Nothing — The Drum 13 March 2017
    My new column for The Drum is live: Apples are not oranges – and ‘content marketing’ means nothing The moment that you slap a call-to-action on any piece of marketing collateral, it becomes direct-response advertising. More on that after a story. Read the whole thing at The Drum!   Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to […]
  • Will February 2017 be the Month That Destroyed Adtech? 27 February 2017
    My new column is up at The Drum: Will February 2017 go down as the month that destroyed adtech? February 2017 has been a bad month for adtech. This month’s news should shake the industry down to its very core – and rightfully so. Marc Pritchard rocks the ad world February began with the fallout […]
  • My Regular “The Promotion Fix” Column Debuts at The Drum 14 February 2017
    Want to learn all about the effective integration of traditional and digital marketing and how to solve the problems in modern marketing? I have debuted my new biweekly marketing column named “The Promotion Fix” at The Drum: The entire marketing industry needs really good editors The internet and mobile devices have made it easy to […]
  • 71 Ways Marketing Will NOT Change in 2017 (The Drum) 11 January 2017
    My first marketing column at The Drum is live! Throughout this month, countless marketers will write clickbait articles listing all of the ways that marketing is destined to change this year. Most of those pieces will be unoriginal, redundant and uninteresting. And now for something completely different: what ignorant practices, intentional deceptions and grandiose delusions […]

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