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A for­mer jour­nal­ist and news­pa­per edi­tor turned inter­na­tional SEO and digital-marketing con­sul­tant, Samuel Scott is a global speaker and crafter of strate­gic mar­ket­ing cam­paigns that inte­grate both tra­di­tional and online mar­ket­ing. He also con­tributes to pub­li­ca­tions includ­ing Moz and the Times of Israel and has been quoted or cited by Search Engine Land, The New York Times, and CIO.

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April 9–10, 2015 in Brighton, Eng­land

Samuel Scott Moz webinar

I am speaking at SMX West samuel scott smx west samuel scott smx milan 2013 speaker

samuel scott smx milan samuel scott smx milan 2013 speaker

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  • The Death of Linkbuilding for SEO 18 December 2014
    Over the past two years, SEOMoz became Moz, ThunderSEO became ThunderActive, and seOverflow became Inflow. Although I do not work for these companies, I would argue that they — and likely many more — have been rebranding themselves by removing affiliations to “SEO” and instead associating themselves with good, old-fashioned “marketing.” The reason? The phrase “SEO” has become […]
  • How to Pitch Reporters in Various Industries 17 December 2014
    In the end, journalists are just another audience in a company’s overall marketing strategy — and they should be treated as such in publicity and public relations plans. A month ago, I wrote an essay for Moz on the coming integration of SEO and public relations. The post included a lengthy infographic flowchart and a […]
  • How to Get More Good Twitter Followers 15 December 2014
    Having a large Twitter following brings many benefits — more fans who will retweet your posts, higher Klout scores, better branding, more media attention are just a few of them. So, many CEOs have been telling their Vice Presidents of Marketing or marketing agencies, “Get us 100,000 Twitter followers tomorrow!” I exaggerate only a little. If […]
  • The Future of SEO in 2015 14 December 2014
    Build, promote, and publicize a website that delights its target audience. Everything else will fall into place. This is the secret to good search-engine optimization for 2015 – but, frankly, it should always have been the best practice in the first place. Google is beholden to Internet users. The moment that web surfers no longer think […]
  • Join Me at Brighton SEO in April 2015! 11 December 2014
    I’m honored to announce that I will be joining such esteemed marketing influencers as Aleyda Solis, Erica McGillivray of Moz, and Tom Anthony of Distilled on the speakers’ list of the next Brighton SEO in England in April 2015. I will speak on the integration of SEO and PR in a talk entitled “Stop Thinking About […]
  • Why Israel is Holding New Elections 5 December 2014
    TEL AVIV — Israel’s thirty-third government was doomed to collapse from the beginning. The governing coalition consisted of ministers from parties that were completely the opposite of each other on ideological grounds. The Economy Minister — Naftali Bennett of the right-wing, religious-Zionist Jewish Home party — was opposed to any future Palestinian state and wanted to annex […]
  • The Day After a Terrorist Attack 19 November 2014
    JERUSALEM — I was outside of a building in a business complex in the Holy City today, waiting to see someone who I had traveled from Tel Aviv to meet in the context of my work as the Senior Director of Digital Marketing for The Cline Group. As I stood on the sidewalk, I saw a young, Israeli-Arab […]
  • Why PR is Still the Best Branding Tool 13 November 2014
    What is a “brand”? To discuss modern branding strategy effectively, we first need to define our terms. The American Marketing Association and Wikipedia define the word as “name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s product distinct from those of other sellers.” It is the trademarked name, logo, and more that […]
  • The Coming Integration of PR and SEO 29 October 2014
    For those who are interested in learning more about the relationship between SEO and PR, a new essay of mine is now live on Moz! Earlier this year, I published a Moz post that aimed to introduce the basic principles of public relations that SEOs and digital marketers, I argued, need to know. (Specifically, the […]
  • Want to Learn How to Integrate SEO and PR? 5 October 2014
    Update: Missed my webinar? You can watch it here! Dear friends, This coming Tuesday, I will be hosting a free webinar at Moz (a Mozinar!) at 10:30 a.m. (Pacific Time in the United States) on how to combine PR and SEO into a holistic marketing strategy. I hope to see you there — don’t forget […]

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