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A former journalist and newspaper editor turned marketing and communications executive, Samuel Scott is Marcom Director at, a global speaker, and writer of the regular "The Promotion Fix" column in The Drum.

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  • My Regular “The Promotion Fix” Column Debuts at The Drum 14 February 2017
    Want to learn all about the effective integration of traditional and digital marketing and how to solve the problems in modern marketing? I have debuted my new biweekly marketing column named “The Promotion Fix” at The Drum: The entire marketing industry needs really good editors The internet and mobile devices have made it easy to […]
  • 71 Ways Marketing Will NOT Change in 2017 (The Drum) 11 January 2017
    My first marketing column at The Drum is live! Throughout this month, countless marketers will write clickbait articles listing all of the ways that marketing is destined to change this year. Most of those pieces will be unoriginal, redundant and uninteresting. And now for something completely different: what ignorant practices, intentional deceptions and grandiose delusions […]
  • Why I Hate Content Marketing (Unbounce Podcast Interview) 21 December 2016
    In early 2016, I published a TechCrunch column on why “Everything the Tech World Says About Marketing is Wrong.” Following that article, Unbounce interviewed me for their podcast. The podcast went live today! –> You can listen to it for free here. You can also directly download the MP3 here. I also give a well-deserved shout-out […]
  • David Meerman Scott vs. Bob Hoffman on Trump 29 November 2016
    Part of the problem with evangelists is that they are always biased. Christian evangelists must always state that Jesus was always correct and never did anything wrong. Brand evangelists must always state that their brands do everything right and nothing to harm anyone. If I were an evangelist for “widgets,” then I would have to […]
  • My Keynote Talk at the Lithuanian Marketing Association 23 November 2016
    VILNIUS, Lithuania — I had the honor of delivering the keynote address today at LIMA DAY ’16 of the Lithuanian Marketing Association. My presentation deck and notes are in full below. Note: The conference theme was “marketing, dating, and relationships.” Focus on the Person and Live Longer Together from Samuel Scott Slides 2-3: When I […]

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