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  • The Cost of Arak and Israel’s Budget Deficit 29 June 2013
    TEL AVIV — Arak, the unofficial drink of Israel and other Middle Eastern countries, is a colorless, unsweetened, anise-flavored liquor that turns translucent and milky-white when traditionally mixed with water and ice. And the price of arak and other cheap alcohol here is set, by some estimates, to more than double on July 1. The […] The post The Cost of Ara
  • Religious Differences and Gay Pride in Israel 9 June 2013
    TEL AVIV — Imagine living in a country where you can be legally married only in an official Christian, Jewish, or Islamic ceremony. You would be in Israel. That means that same-sex couples cannot become legal spouses — unlike in increasingly more places in Europe and the United States. The State of Israel, of course, […] The post Religious Differences and Ga
  • Will Israel Attack Iran? 17 March 2012
    Note: This post is dedicated to the memory of Marie Colvin, an American war correspondent who was allegedly killed by the Syrian government while covering the uprising there. If you want to learn more about the lives and sacrifices of war correspondents, I recommend watching the documentary “Dying to Tell the Story,” which I first saw […] The post Will Israe
  • The Water War in the Middle East and Beyond 2 July 2011
    JERUSALEM — For the past five years, hundreds of young Israelis have gathered in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square on the first Friday of every July to fight in what is billed as “the largest water war in the world.” No, it is not armed conflict over one of the planet’s most-precious resources — it is […] The post The Water War in the Middle East and Beyond appeared f

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