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A for­mer jour­nal­ist and news­pa­per edi­tor turned inter­na­tional dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing & com­mu­ni­ca­tions con­sul­tant, Samuel Scott is a global speaker and crafter of strate­gic mar­ket­ing cam­paigns that inte­grate both tra­di­tional and online mar­ket­ing. He also con­tributes to pub­li­ca­tions includ­ing Moz and the Times of Israel and has been quoted or cited by Search Engine Land, The New York Times, and CIO. Samuel is also Direc­tor of Mar­ket­ing and Com­mu­ni­ca­tions for, a new Israeli startup that is rein­vent­ing log ana­lyt­ics.

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  • Stop Thinking About Building Links! (BrightonSEO) 12 April 2015
    BRIGHTON, England — I had the honor of speaking at BrightonSEO last week for log analytics startup, and it was a pleasure to meet the British digital marketing community for the first time! For those who were not able to attend my talk, I have included my deck and notes below. Stop Thinking About […]
  • How to Create a Unified Brand Strategy (SEMrush) 4 April 2015
    I recently gave a webinar at SEMrush for my new log analytics startup on how to integrate traditional and online marketing to unify one’s brand messaging. My presentation and notes are below — I hope people will find it interesting! How to Create a Unified Brand Strategy Online from Samuel Scott Slide number and […]
  • Learn About Branding at My SEMrush Webinar 30 March 2015
    On Wednesday, I will give a webinar at SEMrush for the new web analytics startup on how to communicate the same branding on all of your channels and content. I hope to see you there! Samuel Scott will discuss how to create and use traditional branding strategy in the context of modern digital and […]
  • The Marketing Department of the Future 25 February 2015
    My latest essay is now on Moz: After leaving the porn website, I held various positions at global agencies before working now as a digital marketing and communications consultant. Today, based on the problems that I have seen and the fallacies that I have encountered, I wanted to propose a strategy to Mozzers on how marketing […]
  • How to Approach Owned and Earned Media 9 January 2015
    My newest essay is up on Moz! We all know content is king, but if your content marketing plan consists of blindly publishing daily blog posts on your website or submitting countless bylined articles (i.e., guest posts) to random outlets, your king will turn into the court jester. Marketing must have a sound strategy behind it to be […]
  • Online Marketing is No Longer a Bag of Tricks 5 January 2015
    Google was founded close to the height of the 1990s tech bubble. (See above.) By the time that the search engine became the top method to find things on the Internet, the United States was in a recession. Despite the Dow  Jones Industrial Average (DJIA)‘s rebound starting in 2003, the economy as a whole did […]
  • How SEO Will Not Change in 2015 26 December 2014
    What is the difference between doing “SEO” and doing “marketing”? The answer lies partly in Moz cofounder Rand Fishkin’s recent webinar on Cracking the SEO Code for 2015 (see the full presentation) in which he addresses the following issues (and more): Website speed Quality content that is designed for human beings Domain-level metrics and brand-building Here, I wanted […]
  • Is There Fraud in the Online Advertising Industry? 21 December 2014
    Bob Hoffman has called it “fraud” perpetrated by “criminals.” The retired founder, chairman, and CEO of Hoffman/Lewis Advertising — who now writes the Ad Contrarian blog and speaks at advertising conferences — had been referring to ongoing revelations in the digital advertising industry that a lot, if not most, of online advertising is a waste of money. […]
  • The Death of Linkbuilding for SEO 18 December 2014
    Over the past two years, SEOMoz became Moz, ThunderSEO became ThunderActive, and seOverflow became Inflow. Although I do not work for these companies, I would argue that they — and likely many more — have been rebranding themselves by removing affiliations to “SEO” and instead associating themselves with good, old-fashioned “marketing.” The reason? The phrase “SEO” has become […]
  • How to Pitch Reporters in Various Industries 17 December 2014
    In the end, journalists are just another audience in a company’s overall marketing strategy — and they should be treated as such in publicity and public relations plans. A month ago, I wrote an essay for Moz on the coming integration of SEO and public relations. The post included a lengthy infographic flowchart and a […]

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