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After his careers in journalism and marketing, Samuel Scott is now a vaccinated professional keynote marketing speaker and member of Toastmasters International as well as the writer of The Promotion Fix column for The Drum.

Born and raised in the United States, he now lives in Tel Aviv.

A 60-Second Introduction

Upcoming Speaking Appearances

After working in journalism and marketing for more than 20 years, Samuel has presented on sales and marketing, social networking and content strategy in dozens of countries on four continents. If your company or organization would like an appearance while he is in your area, contact him soon so he can make the necessary arrangements.


March 3 — virtual — Pause Fest
October 6-7 — Biarritz, France — One to One Digital Marketing


August 23-24 — Prague, Czech Republic — Date Held

Virtual talks in the UK — TBA


February TBD — Egerszalok, Hungary — Date Held

Example Keynote Marketing Talks

As one of the industry’s orators in marketing, Samuel offers expert insights as a journalist with nothing to sell but his ideas. He creates customized presentations based on your desired general topic.

In his talks, Samuel uses his prior careers in journalism and marketing for twenty years to show businesses, conferences, and universities the true present and future of the marketing industry. He has served as a judge of the UK Ad Association’s Young Lions competition in advance of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Anyone from a chief marketing officer to the head of sales and marketing to junior executives can learn from him.

Brand Purpose in a Schizophrenic Consumer World

Many consumers say they do not want to support sweatshops, but they still often buy the cheapest clothing and running shoes made in such places anyway. Companies today want to do better, but they are getting such mixed signals from customers. In this inspiring keynote, Samuel Scott will show how companies can navigate this complex environment and both help the world and sell more products at the same time. (See example video, deck, and text here.)

Actionable takeaway: See four examples of companies in various industries that are using brand purpose to help both the world and their businesses.

Mental Health at Work: What I Learned by Almost Dying

A few years ago, I was the director of marketing at a rapidly growing high-tech startup. One day, I was hit on foot by a motorcycle that came out of nowhere. I still remember my body flying through the air and hitting the street. I developed PTSD and an anxiety disorder. In this motivational and inspirational talk, I will show how I recovered and how people and companies can cope with mental health issues effectively.

Actionable takeaway: Learn how companies and they themselves can have better mental health at work.

Media Planning in 2022 and Beyond: How to Integrate Online & Offline Marketing

We are seeing the tyranny of online direct response and short-termism, both of which are hurting our long-term advertising effectiveness. Samuel uses the latest research to show that we need to get out of our bubble and rethink our approach to media planning today by integrating traditional and online channels as well as long-term and short-term strategies in the most effective ways. (See example video, text, and deck here.)

Actionable takeaway: Build marcom campaigns that both get sales today and build brands for more future sales tomorrow.

Building a Brand is the Ultimate “Growth Hack” in B2B Marketing

In this fun and informational keynote that can include props, Samuel will discuss Brand 101, the benefits of a strong brand, product marketing versus brand marketing, examples of good B2C and B2B branding, how to build a brand, and how to manage and measure brand equity. After all, B2B marketing is more similar to B2C than people think.

Actionable takeaway: Build B2B brands that will get leads today and tomorrow, increase conversion rates, raise pricing power, receive media coverage, and attract more talent.

Example Workshops

I also give marketing workshops at conferences and companies:

  • Marketing 101 — an introduction into marketing and communications that covers customer-facing research, strategy, product-market fit, segmentation, pricing, positioning, messaging, promotional tactics, media mixes, and measurement
  • Brand 101 — the benefits of a strong brand, product marketing versus brand marketing, examples of good B2C and B2B branding, how to build a brand, and how to manage and measure brand equity
  • Marketing communications — an in-depth seminar on marcom planning that discusses the pros and cons of each tactic and channel and shows how to create effective tactical and media mixes how to create the most effective marcom campaigns and incorporate them into your overall marketing strategy
  • Media relations, PR, and publicity — how to create a media relations plan from research to publication and reporter targeting to pitching stories to measuring the right metrics
  • SEO — how to get found in organic search results for relevant queries that relate to you, your product, the solutions that you provide, and the questions that you can answer
  • Public speaking — workshops and personal coaching for executives and others who want to improve their presentations

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Corporate Events

From Europe to South America, Samuel has delivered keynote addresses and moderated panels at business events for clients, employees, and customers.

Marketing Conferences

Both virtually and in person, Samuel has given inspirational and informative breakout and keynote addresses at events in the marketing and business worlds.

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marketing speaker

Online Keynotes

Today, many companies and conferences are holding their events online. Samuel now uses his years of experience in professional speaking to keynote events over any streaming platform of choice.

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How I Work

  1. Answer any initial, general questions over email
  2. Have a call to learn about your goals and decide how I can help you and your event attendees
  3. Send the contract and 50% advance deposit payment invoice
  4. Strategize the main points of the talk
  5. Finalize the talk as well as any needed logistics and deliverables

Testimonials & Featured Clients

"Thank you so much for the best 25 minutes I’ve spent in a long time!"

— Hanne Kjeldstadli Hansen, head of customer care at Simployer

“Thank God for someone talking some f--king sense!”

— Claire Strickett, planner and strategist at London creative agency VCCP

"Not only did he deliver a great presentation full of data and relevant insights, he was also super fun and easy to work with. If you are looking for a reliable speaker covering the latest marketing trends, contact Samuel!"

— Valerija Prevolsek, founder of the SEMPL conference in Slovenia

"Samuel was delivering a presentation at our client and partner event. He had a perfect 30-minute speech about how different media works these days, busting myths and hitting some most painful topics for the whole industry. I can definitely recommend him for any type of event willing to get fresh air i the world of communication bubbles."

— Mindaugas Rakauskas, commercial director at TV3 Lithuania

"Samuel spoke at ProcureCon Marketing Europe 2019 in London, on 'Dispelling the 6 biggest myths in the marketing industry today', and did a brilliant job - he was engaging, interesting and provocative, with an interactive presentation. Recommended!"

Diane Mekie, conference director for WBR’s ProcureCon Marketing Europe in London

"I came across Samuel several years ago. His articles in The Drum are extremely spot on. We engaged Samuel to speak at our annual conference DSAD. An annual conference that normally attracts 400 advertisers. In 2020, due to the Covid 19 situation the conference was set up as a hybrid. Samuel attended remotely with a prerecorded presentation since it was not possible to travel from Tel Aviv to Norway at the time. Samuel did a very good presentation at this hybrid event. I will certainly recommend Samuel as a keynote speaker."

— Jan Morten Drange, managing director for ANFO in Norway

"Samuel spoke at my event 600Minutes Customer Experience on the 5th of December 2019 and was very much appreciated by the attendees. The event was attended by the leaders within marketing and customer experience from the largest companies of Norway. Many of the attendees gave great praise and commented that they would have wished to hear more or to have him back for other editions of the event. Thank you for coming, Samuel!"

— Julia Widerstahl, operations manager for Norway at Management Events

"Samuel Scott spoke to over 2000 paid delegates at Zee MELT 2019 - India's biggest conference that brings marketing, communications and technology under one roof. His thirty minute talk on the biggest myths in the adtech world was extremely well received by our delegates. Beyond the talk, Samuel made it a point to interact with many of the delegates and the other speakers as well, which was highly appreciated."

— Rajesh Kejriwal, founder and CEO of Kyoorius Group in India

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Past Presentations and Talks

  • Virtual Talks — 14 talks in 2020 and 2021
  • Management Events — multiple events throughout Europe in 2019
  • SEMPL (Portoroz, Slovenia) — November 2019
  • Bogazici University (Istanbul, Turkey) — November 2019
  • World Marketing Summit (London, England) — November 2019
  • DCX Digital Content Expo (Berlin, Germany) — October 2019
  • TV3 (Vilnius, Lithuania) — September 2019
  • ProcureCon Marketing (London, England) — June 2019
  • ZeeMelt (Mumbai, India) — May 2019
  • AIM Conference (Los Angeles, California) — May 2019
  • Share Algarve (Lisbon, Portugal) — April 2019
  • Synergy Digital Forum (Moscow, Russia) — March 2019
  • Marketing Festival (Prague, Czech Republic) — March 2019
  • The European Summit (Lisbon, Portugal) — March 2019
  • Emerce Performance — (November 2018)
  • Fifteen Seconds (Graz, Austria) — June 2018
  • Synergy Digital Forum (Moscow, Russia) — May 2018
  • FICCI Frames (Mumbai, India) — March 2018
  • Digital Copenhagen (Copenhagen, Denmark) — November 2017
  • CASBAA (Macau) — November 2017
  • Digitalzone (Istanbul, Turkey) — October 2017
  • Sanoma Media (Helsinki, Finland) — October 2017
  • Facebook Brand Summit (Buenos Aires, Argentina) — April 2017
  • Facebook Brand Summit (Bogota, Colombia) — April 2017
  • Facebook Brand Summit (Mexico City, Mexico) — April 2017
  • LiMA DAY (Vilnius, Lithuania) — November 2016
  • MozCon (Seattle, Washington) — September 2016
  • Content Marketing Masters (Berlin, Germany) — June 2016
  • Kahenacon Advanced (Tel Aviv, Israel) — November 2015
  • Performance Marketing Insights (London, England) — October 2015
  • BrightonSEO (Brighton, England) — April 2015
  • SMX West (San Jose, California) — March 2014
  • SMX Milan (Milan, Italy) — November 2013
  • Private talks at the offices of companies


  • For a live, physical appearance: USD $10,000 / GBP £7,000 / EUR 8,000 plus hotel, local transfers, and business travel on El Al (with any transfers on Star Alliance airlines) from Tel Aviv booked by the event or agency
  • For a live or recorded virtual appearance: Based on what you need
  • Workshop and speaking coach fees are customized based on what you need
  • All packages require a 50% advance payment deposit to reserve the dates and for the work beforehand
  • Coronavirus guarantee: If your event is postponed or canceled or moved to a virtual gathering, the 50% deposit will automatically go towards a future in-person or virtual appearance without needing to pay again. If the event become virtual, the travel, hotel, and local transfers are no longer needed

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