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The Coronavirus Business Hall of Shame

(Note: My biweekly Promotion Fix column no longer has a home, so I’m publishing this special edition myself.) “You, alright! I learned it by watching you!” In July 1987, the Partnership for a Drug-Free America launched what would become one of the most famous — and most parodied — public service announcements in the United States. […]

My Top 5 Columns of 2019 in The Drum

Every two weeks, I write The Promotion Fix column for The Drum, a global marketing and media trade publication. Here were my most popular essays this year. 5. If there’s a recession in 2019, here’s what marketers should do. I reviewed studies from the Great Recession and interviewed marketers who have seen downturns to see how […]

A New Talk: How to Integrate Online and Offline Media

This is a speech that I debuted in Slovenia. I would be happy to give this talk in person or virtually at your company, event, or conference. Learn more here. Summary Example deck: I argue that we are seeing the tyranny of online direct response and short-termism, both of which are hurting our long-term […]

How journalism can survive and thrive

My new column is live in The Drum: How journalism can survive and thrive Should mainstream news outlets first and foremost create profits for shareholders or neutrally, objectively and thoroughly educate the public? That is the battle for the soul of journalism today. From bias to neutrality and back The idea that journalists should be […]