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Which advertising channels are best when all else is equal?

My new column is live in The Drum: LinkedIn’s recently unveiled ‘Reactions’ will likely lead to countless marketers tracking how many ‘likes,’ ‘celebrates,’ ‘loves,’ ‘insightfuls’ and ‘curiouses’ their posts receive – as if those designations mean anything as marketing metrics. During a talk at a CMO Network event in England last month on whether most of […]

The Biggest Problem in Content Marketing That You Are Probably Ignoring

This is a speech that I debuted in Prague. I would be happy to give this talk in person or virtually at your company, event, or conference. Learn more here. Summary How to Fix the Biggest Problem in Content Marketing Today Example deck: The problem with content marketing today is that everyone from media […]

How Much of the Internet is Fake?

The Drum has the transcript of my recent talk at the CMO Network in the UK in which I railed against everything fake on the Internet and the bullshit Brexit vote. The marketing industry had so many expectations of the digital world. For example, everything would be real, measured and trackable. But so many of […]

Where I’m Speaking in 2019

During these dark days of winter, I have been finalizing this year’s speaking schedule. More dates are in the works, but here is where I will be for now. Hope to see you soon! If your company or organization would like an appearance while I am in your area, contact me ASAP at so […]

Here is the FBI Report on HubSpot

What did HubSpot senior executives do to try to obtain in advance or prevent the release of Dan Lyons’ book “Disrupted”? We may never know for sure. But I have obtained the redacted version of the report from the resulting FBI investigation. Here is one of the most important parts: Note: “email hacking and extortion.” […]