Why You’re Losing Millions to Online Ad Fraud

Why You’re Losing Millions to Online Ad Fraud

A few days ago, I gave this webinar for WebPromoExperts on the billions of dollars that companies are losing to fraud and in their digital advertising campaigns. For thirty minutes, I discussed:

– The definition of an advertising “impression” and why it is important
– Why at least half of online display ads are never seen by human beings
– How agencies are receiving kickbacks from ad networks for the fraudulent ads
– How ad networks sell bot traffic to publishers and how publishers buy bot traffic — thereby costing advertisers a lot of money
– What ad networks are doing in response
– How advertisers can protect themselves
– Additional resources from which people can learn more
– In the Q&A, people asked for some of my thoughts on marketing in U.S. versus U.K. English and on international SEO (I have an guide to international SEO)

Note: I’ll be discussing digital ad fraud at PMI London at the end of October!

If anyone has any comments or questions on the webinar, please feel free to post in the comments below!

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