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Israel Speakers

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samuel scottA former American journalist​ and ​newspaper editor ​​and then director of marketing in the Israeli high-tech startup world, Samuel Scott is ​now a global keynote speaker and columnist.​ He has lived in Israel for ten years.

While Samuel is typically a marketing keynote speaker and technology keynote speaker, he still uses the journalistic principles of neutrality and evidence-based analysis when he gives his talks on Israel and the Middle East.

In additional to speaking about marketing, he is an Israel keynote speaker who can enlighten audiences around the world on the complex topics of politics, religion, society, and history in the Middle East. Samuel informs audiences from an objective point of view.

Where Samuel Speaks

  • Businesses — What high-tech companies that want to enter the Israeli market and hire Israelis should know
  • Conferences and Non-Profit Organizations — The latest happenings in the Middle East and what it means for the world in general
  • Educational Institutions — What the latest studies and reports mean in the day-to-day real world of the Middle East

Examples of Israel Speeches

  • How the Israeli Political System is Different — Israeli politics is very different from the West and has fragmented, interest-based political parties that form coalition governments rather than ones based on big-picture ideas and win based on a “first past the post” system
  • How Judaism in Israel Differs from Europe and the US — The Jewish world in the US has multiple streams of Judaism while Israel has a black-and-white mentality of religious people versus secular people
  • A Neutral Introduction to the Middle East Conflict — The present reality of the Middle East has its roots in decades, if not centuries, of complex geopolitical and diplomatic events
  • The Cultural Differences Between Israelis and Westerners — The cultural mindsets are numerous and large. Samuel breaks them down for businesses, universities, and non-profit organizations
  • Talks can be tailored upon request!

Samuel has presented in fifteen countries on four continents.

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Videos of Talks

Samuel talks on topics ranging from Israel to business. Here are two of them:

Breaking Through the Digital Wall (Israel)

Samuel Scott’s keynote talk in Tel Aviv, Israel, on how we should look beyond content marketing, inbound marketing, and social media marketing to integrate traditional and digital marketing in a real way. After a brief remark in Hebrew, the rest of the speech is in English.

The Biggest Lies in Marketing (Finland)

Samuel Scott’s talk in Helsinki, Finland, on the myths that TV and radio are dead, that Big Data is the future of marketing, that people want to have relationships with brands on social media, and that “content” is “king.”

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