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samuel scottA former journalist​, consultant, and director of marketing in the high-tech industry, Samuel Scott is now a marketing and technology contrarian who presents around the world and writes The Promotion Fix column for The Drum.​ He speaks on topics ranging from blockchain to online advertising fraud to the future of integrated traditional and digital marketing.

Samuel’s talks combine the latest theory with actionable tactics and an added dose of provocation to provide an entertaining and enlightening experience for companies, conferences, and universities of all types and in countries throughout the world.

Born and raised in the United States, Samuel is now based out of Tel Aviv.


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Where Samuel Speaks

  • Companies — marketing meetings, product launches, and customer events
  • Conferences — annual conventions and events
  • Educational Institutions — university classes and academic gatherings

What Samuel Discusses

  • The Future Trends in Marketing — the roles that various practices within traditional and digital marketing will have and not have
  • How Blockchain is Revolutionizing Marketing — blockchain is a technology that might finally penetrate the Facebook-Google duopoly and let marketers and others form networks that are independent of any central authorities
  • The Dark Side of the High-Tech Startup World — the industry is full of sweatshops that commit age discrimination, violate labor law, and force founders and workers to practically kill themselves to satisfy investors
  • The Future of Martech in a GDPR-Driven World — the death of data-based marketing surveillance and the return of creativity (transcript and video from England and Turkey)
  • The Biggest Myths in Marketing — the common bad assumptions that marketers of all types make such as that TV and radio are dead and that people want to have relationships with brands
  • The Biggest Myths in Ad Tech — that people supposedly want advertising, the medium does not matter, ad tech cut out the expensive middlemen, only short-term results matter, “waste” is a bad thing, and the brand does not matter.
  • Growth Hacking is a Long Con — VCs invest other peoples’ money in tech startups, convince the world that rapid growth without profits is a good thing, promote their companies that show that result, get rich at IPOs, and leave post-IPO investors holding the bag
  • Where Ad Spends Are Going in 2018 — direct response spend has moved online, but television is still the most used medium for brand advertising specifically and for media spends in general
  • The Billions You Are Losing to Online Advertising Fraud (columns in TechCrunch and The Drum)
  • How to Integrate Traditional and Digital Marketing — how to break through the digital wall by creating a unified marketing practice and not keeping online and offline marketing in separate silos
  • Traditional Advertising is More Effective Than Digital — digital is good at direct response but not building brands. Direct response – even with personalisation, AI, or machine learning – will only take you so far. Mass advertising reaches mass audiences with mass messages that everyone sees that everyone else sees
  • The Pros and Cons of Account-Based Marketing — ABM is becoming popular in the B2B tech world, but is it a buzzword or a new and useful strategy?
  • Everything the Tech World Says About Marketing is Wrong — most practices in high-tech marketing have little basis in traditional marketing theory
  • How Google Analytics Ruined Marketing — the funnel and buckets in Google Analytics have little relation to actual human behavior and long-standing marketing practices

Why You Should Hire Samuel to Speak

  • Companies — you will understand how to use and not use traditional and digital marketing tactics to deliver more value the next day as well as what the real future holds for technology
  • Conferences — your attendees will learn about the modern trends in marketing and technology and be entertained by a healthy dose of provocation
  • Educational Institutions — your students will see how to incorporate the best practices of yesterday in their careers tomorrow, and educators will gain the latest insights into marketing and technology research

If you hire people who work at agencies to speak, they will use their talks to promote their services. If you hire people who work in-house at companies, they will use their presentations to promote their products. As an independent columnist and speaker, Samuel Scott has nothing to sell except his own ideas and thoughts on the industry. His talks contain his neutral and unbiased insights.

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Examples of Presentations and Talks

The Biggest Lies in Marketing

Samuel Scott’s talk in Helsinki, Finland, on the myths that TV and radio are dead, that Big Data is the future of marketing, that people want to have relationships with brands on social media, and that “content” is “king.”

Breaking Through the Digital Wall

Samuel Scott’s keynote talk in Tel Aviv, Israel, on how we should look beyond content marketing, inbound marketing, and social media marketing to integrate traditional and digital marketing in a real way. After a brief remark in Hebrew, the rest of the speech is in English.


Samuel also gives workshops at conferences or for companies on the following topics:

  • Media relations and publicity — how to create a media relations plan from research to publication and reporter targeting to pitching stories to measuring the right metrics
  • SEO — how to help your company to get found in organic search results for relevant queries that relate to you, your product, the solutions that you provide, and the questions that you can answer as well as how to ensure stable, long-term growth without risk and what website technical issues to address


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Contact Samuel to Speak

  • For speaking engagements or anything else, contact Samuel here
  • Or e-mail: sjscworldwide (at)