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samuel scottA former journalist​, ​newspaper editor, ​​and director of marketing and communications in the high-tech industry, Samuel Scott is ​now a global journalism and media speaker and author of the regular ​“The Promotion Fix” column in The Drum​.​

The Internet obtained mass adoption when Samuel Scott was in high school. As a result, he and his generation are uniquely positioned to comment on the world both before and after the birth of the World Wide Web. Samuel is old enough to remember marketing before the Internet, but he is young enough to be almost a tech native. Samuel is a marketing strategist who understands how the two worlds are reflections of each other, and he has given a keynote speech to countless audiences at a convention or speaker event that have been frank, no-BS, and no-holds-barred talks on how marketing and communications professionals can integrate online and offline marketing into unified strategies.

Samuel’s knowledge and experience comes from his first career as a journalist and newspaper editor who then moved into marketing and communications and worked in executive agency positions and personal consulting capacities.

Media and Journalism Speeches

The Rise of Conservative and Far-Right Political Propaganda
TV, Print, and Radio Are Not Dead
The Effect of Adtech and Martech on Society Today

In Samuel’s journalism and media talks, he goes through the overall strategic marketing process step-by-step and then shows how to integrate those channels with the digital world. To learn more about his motivational thoughts to audiences when he is an event speaker who inspires audiences at any meeting for any of the times that need to do effective campaigns:

Samuel Scott’s talk at Sanoma Media in October 2017 in Helsinki, Finland. He address the lies that TV and radio are dead, that Big Data is the future of marketing, that people want to have relationships with brands on social media, and that “content” is “king.”

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