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Believe in brand purpose? Clean your own house first

by | Sep 30, 2019 | Marketing Essays

My new column is live in The Drum.

True brand purpose is not running a one-off advertisement — it is something that all company actions should exude. And it is certainly not what happened at Advertising Week in New York.

Last week, the major industry event held several sessions on how businesses can help to improve society. Here are just a few titles that I collected from the schedule posted online.

“The Power of Purpose: What Does it Mean for a Company to be Values-Based and Purpose-Driven?” “Always Bet on Equality: Why Brand Purpose and Inclusivity Win Every Time.”

“The State of Women’s Representation in Advertising.” “Raising the Stories of Women Who Came Before Us.” “Eyes on 2020: Fearless Female Voices Reshaping Media and Impacting the World.”

Sounds good, right? But just like the hypocrisy at Cannes Lions earlier this year, Advertising Week’s walk did not match the talk. Just see this astute observation from The Drum’s Katie Deighton on musician Pitbull’s wrap party performance.

Advertising Week and Cannes Lions – as well as the companies that attend such events – probably have some work to do if they truly want to help the world. Here is the best way: clean your own house first. Talk is useless.

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