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How Israel launched a world-leading Covid-19 vaccination campaign

by | Jan 12, 2021 | Marketing Essays

My new column is live in The Drum:

How Israel launched a world-leading Covid-19 vaccination campaign

Israel has vaccinated a vastly greater percentage of people against the coronavirus than any other country so far. In this edition of The Promotion Fix, newly immunised columnist Samuel Scott interviews a top health official there and shows what marketers can learn from the successes.

‘Order early, pay a lot, digitise distribution and stretch the supply.’ That was how one journalist here summarised Israel’s world-leading success in vaccinating the population against coronavirus so far. Marketers could learn a thing or two – or several – from the campaign.

In 2019, Les Binet and Peter Field famously showed the relationship between top-of-the-funnel advertising spend on brand and bottom-of-the-funnel spend on activation. Both are important and necessary. Still, the bottom’s success usually depends on the top being successful in the first place.

In this column – my first since receiving the vaccine myself – I look at how effective infrastructure, distribution, pricing, positioning and promotion have all contributed to Israel vaccinating more than 20% of the people as of Sunday. I will go from the top of the funnel decades ago to the bottom of the funnel that was the jab in my shoulder last week.

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