This is what happens when marketing theory meets the real world in a tech startup

by | Jul 27, 2022 | Marketing Essays

My new marketing column is live in The Drum:

As a columnist for The Drum, Samuel Scott has pulled no punches on what marketers need to do to fix their promotion mix. But saying is one thing, doing another. So here’s what happened when this industry commentator was given the challenge of putting his marketing theory into practice.

In January 2022, I became the head of marketing for the Israeli hybrid IT mapping software startup Faddom after the chief executive had recruited me.

Spending two years stuck at home – with the conference speaking circuit not returning until later this year – was not healthy. I was bored and wanted to return to the industry after a five-year absence. Six months later, I wanted to show some examples of what we have done so that others might gain some insights for their companies as well.

But first, a few caveats. We do not sell anything to marketers, so I can write without any conflict of interest. Also, I have permission to discuss concepts but not to show any numbers or specific results. In addition, I want to give credit to the head of growth as well as the sales and R&D teams for their contributions.

And keep in mind that a lot of work has been ‘quick and dirty’ while I have been a marketing department of one who has been juggling many duties. So, here we go.

Read the rest at The Drum.

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