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Which advertising channels are best when all else is equal?

My new column is live in The Drum: LinkedIn’s recently unveiled ‘Reactions’ will likely lead to countless marketers tracking how many ‘likes,’ ‘celebrates,’ ‘loves,’ ‘insightfuls’ and ‘curiouses’ their posts receive – as if those designations mean anything as marketing metrics. During a talk at a CMO Network event in England last month on whether most of […]

How Much of the Internet is Fake?

The Drum has the transcript of my recent talk at the CMO Network in the UK in which I railed against everything fake on the Internet and the bullshit Brexit vote. The marketing industry had so many expectations of the digital world. For example, everything would be real, measured and trackable. But so many of […]

Influencer recommendations are not celebrity endorsements

My new column is live in The Drum: For better and worse, influencers are not celebrities – and marketers ignore that fact at their peril. Amazon expanded its influencer affiliate program to the UK last week. The British ad standards authority has banned an Instagram video by former Love Island contestant Olivia Buckland. Snapchat’s public relations firm has sued Luka Sabbat […]

Does programmatic encourage clickbait and fake news?

My new column is live in The Drum: The Drum’s Promotion Fix columnist, Samuel Scott, moderated a panel discussion last week on publisher adtech trends in 2019 at the Barcelona office of adtech company Marfeel. The participants were Marfeel chief executive Xavi Beumala, Forrester Research senior analyst Susan Bidel, Den of Geek US chief executive Jennifer Indeck and Rubicon Project’s Cayetano Chimeno. These are the highlights of their conversation. […]

The marketing industry is facing a brain drain – here’s how to fix it

My new column is live in The Drum: Following Sir Martin Sorrell’s departure from WPP and Mark Read’s appointment as the new chief executive, most discussion has focused on Sorrell’s new company and Read’s vision for the old one. But one issue has gone unmentioned. “Great ideas come from great people,” Read said during a recent earnings […]

Global social media regulation is coming

My new column is live in The Drum: Despite all his rage, is Alex Jones still just a rat in a cage? In August, Facebook removed four pages run by Jones, a vile conspiracy theorist, and his company, Infowars. YouTube closed his account. So did Pinterest. Apple banned several audio streams. Spotify cut a major podcast. Twitter […]