In addition to being a marketing speaker, I also discuss the tech world as a contrarian. My first column of the year for The Drum focuses on the latter topic:

Want to join a martech startup in 2018? Here’s what you need to know first

Almost 70% of executives will spend more on martech platforms in 2018, according to a recent survey by Conductor. Marketing technologist Scott Brinker’s 2017 martech lumascape grew 40% last year to nearly 4,900 companies.

So, it might seem like a good time to leave your agency or brand for some exciting marketing technology company. But think before you jump ship. Martech startups are like other high-tech startups – and the industry can be crazier than the portrayal in the TV show Silicon Valley.

Here is what you need to know. For the record, the column below comes from a mix of my experiences, those of friends throughout the world, and the material I cite. In addition, I am familiar with US and Israeli law and labour practices, but certain details might be different in other countries.

1. You will be there only to make a lot of money for the founders, investors, and maybe the earliest employees.

2. If you are not one of the earliest employees, you will probably not get rich even if the startup beats the odds and has a successful exit.

3. If you are not young, you will face discrimination – and you will work your ass off and endure unimaginable amounts of stress regardless of your age.

4. You will sit in an open office simply because it is cheaper even though everyone hates the design and knows that it is horrible.

5. You will be bored from all the direct response of one type or another.

6. You might have missed the boat because Big Tech may falter this year.

The full column is at The Drum!

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