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My Top 5 Columns of 2019 in The Drum

by | Dec 23, 2019 | Marketing Essays

Every two weeks, I write The Promotion Fix column for The Drum, a global marketing and media trade publication. Here were my most popular essays this year.

5. If there’s a recession in 2019, here’s what marketers should do. I reviewed studies from the Great Recession and interviewed marketers who have seen downturns to see how companies can ensure both short-term survival and long-term growth whenever the next downturn hits.

4. Marketing’s “faux-feminism” problem on International Women’s Day. Many of the “feminist” commercials that air for International Women’s Day are hypocritically created by companies that treat their own female employees terribly.

3. An exclusive look at Binet and Field’s new B2B marketing research. The most effective practices in B2B marketing are mainly the same as in B2C because the two are actually not polar opposites, according to new findings from noted British researchers Les Binet and Peter Field that I exclusively obtained for The Drum.

2. The brand purpose hypocrisy at Cannes Lions. The ad executives gathered at Cannes Lions talked a lot about brand purpose but completely ignored an actual opportunity to help the world.

1. The “end of digital marketing”? Google is self-serving but right. Digital technology has already infused most – if not all –marcom channels that exist today. And that makes the term “digital marketing” meaningless indeed. “Digital” is a type of technology, not a set of specific marcom channels.

Have a wonderful holiday and New Year’s! See you in 2020.

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