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After careers in journalism and marketing, I am now a professional virtual marketing speaker and member of Toastmasters International as well as the writer of The Promotion Fix column for The Drum.

Virtual Marketing Conferences

Both virtually and in person, Samuel has given inspirational and informative breakout and keynote addresses at events in the digital marketing world.

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Virtual Marketing Talks

Samuel offers marketing truth from an expert trade journalist with nothing to sell but his ideas. He creates customized presentations based on your desired general topic.

In his talks, Samuel uses his prior careers in journalism and marketing for twenty years to show businesses, conferences, and universities the true present and future of the marketing industry as a neutral observer with nothing to sell. He has served as a judge of the UK Ad Association’s Young Lions competition in advance of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Anyone from a chief marketing officer to the head of sales and marketing to junior executives can learn from him.

Media Planning in 2021 and Beyond: How to Integrate Online & Offline Marketing
(30 minutes – virtual talk is below or the live version is here)

We are seeing the tyranny of online direct response and short-termism, both of which are hurting our long-term advertising effectiveness. Samuel uses the latest research to show that we need to get out of our bubble and rethink our approach to media planning today by integrating traditional and online channels as well as long-term and short-term strategies in the most effective ways.

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Brand Purpose vs. Brand Hypocrisy: How Your Company Can Truly Help the World
(30 minutes – live or virtual talk)

In this inspiring keynote, Samuel will present the wrong and right ways to do brand purpose and have responsible commerce. Some businesses do one-off commercials and think their jobs are done. Others hypocritically broadcast a message that is contradicted by their own internal company practices. The business world can do so much better. Samuel will show you how.

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How Marketing Departments Can Survive the Coronavirus Recession
(30 to 50 minutes – live or virtual talk)

The best practices during prior recessions to highlight what businesses and marketing departments should do today. For example, CMOs need to learn to “speak CFO” to defend their budgets as companies start to cut back. Then, he will share his prediction that economies will likely recover and return to 95% pre-crisis normal quickly based on what happened during the last global pandemic. The pain we are feeling is brutal, but it will be short.

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Additional Topics

Virtual Marketing Workshops

I also give marketing workshops at conferences and companies.

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